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History / 8th Grade / Refugee Unit: Home

Where do I start?

Use the tabs on this libguide to explore! 

When you are conducting research, the St. Andrew's Databases are your first stop to get good information. In addition to this libguide, you should:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Dreyfuss Library
  3. Log in with your saes credentials (email and password)
  4. Select the tab home
  5. Select either EBSCO, Global Issues In Context, and Latin American News Digest
    1. Global Issues in Context or Latin American News Digest won't require another selection
    2. Within EBSCO, you can select from some options. Best for you would be MAS Ultra - School Edition or Advanced Placement Source

Questions? Problems? Ask Dr. Waugh ( or find me in the library!


Here are some tips to help you!

  1. Check the date of the article you are reading! We have a lot of resources, sometimes you might search for something and get articles from a while ago. Most databases will let you sort by date. 
  2. Be flexible with your search words. If one word isn't working, is there another that might?
  3. READ THE ARTICLE. Sometimes students forget that they might need to read or scan the entire article. The information you need might be at the end, take a minute and scan the first sentence of every paragraph
  4. Cite your sources! Give credit where credit is due.