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History / 11th Grade / 20th Century War Research: Where can I find visual sources?

Artstor LogoArtStor has 2.5 MILLION images that are available for use in educational settings. It includes paintings and sculptures, but also photographs, lithographs, images of cartoons, newspapers, artifiacts. Artstor should be your first stop when looking for an image. Artstor also has reliable information about the image and provides citations in several formats (including MLA and Chicago).

If you will need to download images or make a collection of images, Dr. Waugh will need to give you access. Please email her ahead of time!

How to find an image you are allowed to use on Google:

  • Use the Advanced Search Feature.
  • Add your search term
  • Scroll down to usage rights (it's at the bottom)
  • Select Free to Use or Share
  • Remember to cite your image by the original creator (NOT GOOGLE)


  • start from Google
  • put in your search term
  • select images
  • below the search bar on the right, select tools
  • Use the dropdown menu Usage Rights to select Labeled for Reuse OR Labeled for Noncommercial Reuse
  • Remember to cite your image by the original creator (NOT GOOGLE)