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Science / 6th Grade: Volcanoes

A research guide for 6th grade science

Mayon volcano 

 The boxes below have links to many articles about volcanoes! Once you follow the link, you will also need to select an article.   Remember that you can also use the search box in each database to search more narrowly!

  Mayon volcano. Britannica School Encyclopedia Britannica, 8 Feb. 2020. Accessed 31 Mar. 2020.

The Smithsonian is more than just a handful of great museums. It is also a research institution with lots of information available for students. Follow this link to learn more about volcanoes!

Click the image above to go to lots of articles about volcanoes!

This LINK will take you to a general overview of volcanoes. 

Click here to learn about Volcanoes. Britannica has a lot of really good background information and even gives you citations! To get to the citations, click on the little checkbox on the top right of the Britannica page. 


Middle School In Context has many different resources for you. This link will take you to reference articles about volcanoes. If you want to explore further, this link will include newspaper and magazine articles, videos, images and more!



Volcano World from Oregon State University shares the latest information from volcano researchers in the field!

Logo for ScienceFlix

Check out ScienceFlix for short videos and articles about volcanoes!

Fact Monster has easy to read articles and lots of information on Volcanoes.