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How to use this LibGuide

This LibGuide will provide research resouces for your infographic project and links to Venngage for making your infographic and Noodletools for citations. We recommend you begin with these research resources to gather your information, then decide how your infographic should look and finally being putting your information into an infographic on Venngage. Remember the principals in the discussion and on Ms. Lawrence's infographic!


Noodle Tools

Use NoodleTools to organize your research and make better citations. Remember that you may need to log in with your SAES credentials. See your instructor for the preferred citation style (MLA or Chicago Notes/Bibliography).


You will be using Venngage to make an infographic. You can log in via your SAES credentials. REMEMBER to use good design practices: plan your design before you start, keep it simple and clean, use images to tell the story, and set the size of your infographic from the beginning.

Ms. Lawrence's Best Advice on Infographic Design