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A guide to help SAES students with primary source research using both public and SAES resources

Primary Source Research

The Chicago Manual of Style defines primary sources as original works, such as letters, diaries or images. They can also be direct and contemporary (i.e. at the time of the event) observations. Sometimes a primary source may be the data collected by a researcher in an observation, interview, or experiment. 

Turabian, Kate L. A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and  Dissertations: Chicago Style for Students and Researchers. 7th ed. Chicago:  University of Chicago Press, [20]11.  


Noodletools image and hyperlink

Use NoodleTools to organize your research, save your sources and take notes. Remember that Dr. Waugh can help you with NoodleTools if you need it. 

You have a few choices:

1) Manual enter your source information into NoodleTools. This will allow Noodletools to make your footnotes for you.

2) Export your source information into NoodleTools from one of the databases that supports this (JSTOR, Gale). This will allow Noodletools to make your footnotes for you.

3) Copy and Paste your citation using "quick cite" NOTE: If you do this you will have to make all your footnotes by hand. 

  1. Use a research database or Google Scholar to generate your citation.
  2. Then go to Noodletools and click create a new citation.
  3. Next select the kind of citations (e.g. Newspaper, Book, etc.).
  4. Use the link to "copy and paste a citation" and insert your copied citation.
  5. Click Save and Noodletools will create the citation for you.


Logging in Off Campus

If you are working on this project off campus, you may need to log in to each database. 

  1. begin at
  2. Login using your SAES username and password (ex: adumbldore / fawkes1234)
  3. The "Home" tab will include the names and logins for our databases.