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History / Primary Sources / Research Guide: Independence in Africa

A guide to help SAES students with primary source research using both public and SAES resources

Primary Sources on Independence and Decolonization in Africa

This page includes additional sources on the independence movement in Africa. The usefulness of these sources will depend on your specific topic.

African Online Digital Library

African Online Digital Library

AODL is an open-access digital library of African cultural heritage materials created by Michigan State University in collaboration with museums, archives, scholars, and communities around the world. The AODL is under development, and new resources are added regularly. 

The National Archives of the United Kingdom

The National Archives of the United Kingdom includes a section on "Empire, commonweath and de-colonisation" which includes a section on Africa. 

NY Public Library - Africana Age - African and African Diaspora Transformations in the 20th Century

Text and background information from an exhibit at the New York Public Library. This site might be best used to gather more background information to inform your primary source document searching.


ANC Archives

This page is a working archive of the African National Congress

Fordham University Sourcebook

Fordham University has an extensive collection of resources and links collected in a single sourcebook.