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History / 9th and 10th Grade / Research Resources: Islam Final Assessment

Suggested Strategies

For this project, Dr. Waugh suggests that you begin with Britannica and Global Issues In Context. As you research more deeply, use the other databases to expand your knowledge. The Historical Newspaper database will be useful for primary source accounts of events, as well as general news coverage. 

In Context Databases




Artstor Logo

ArtStor has 2.5 MILLION images that are available for use in educational settings. It includes paintings and sculptures, but also photographs, lithographs, images of cartoons, newspapers, artifiacts. Artstor should be your first stop when looking for an image. Artstor also has reliable information about the image and provides citations in several formats (including MLA and Chicago).

If you will need to download images or make a collection of images, Dr. Waugh will need to give you access. Please email her ahead of time!

Start with Britannica, be sure to select the high school version.


Remember that if you are off-campus, you may need to log in. Logins are on the page AFTER you have clicked log in with your SAES credentials. 

Explore our Library

Explore our Library

Use the search box below to search for information including databases and our catalog. This search box will work across most databases and you should be able to log in using only your SAES credentials.

Historical Newspaper Archive


ProQuest's Historical Newspaper database has full coverage of  36 newspapers going back into the 1700s, most articles are from the 20th century, however. Newspapers include The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and other well known publications. Depending on your topic, you might prefer a regional newspaper, such as The Atlanta Journal or The Chicago Tribune.


Photo by beanworks at, used under creative commons license.

Log-in Problems and to Access Individual Databases

If you are encounter problems accessing the databases, contact Dr. Waugh. In the interim, you can to log in to each database separately. 

  1. Begin at
  2. Login using your SAES username and password (ex: adumbldore / fawkes1234)
  3. The "Home" tab will include the names and logins for our databases.