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Advisory / Middle School / Refugee by Alan Gratz: What is a refugee?

Pakistani Refugees Wait for Food and Water in Swabi

"Pakistani Refugees Wait for Food and Water in Swabi." In UPI Photo Collection. 2009. Global Issues in Context (accessed September 3, 2018).

United Nations High Commission on Refugees

The UN High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) collects information on refuges and other displaced people around the the world. The UNHCR is widely considered to be a respected source of unbiased information on refugees. Every year the UNHCR publishes a "statistical yearbook" of facts and figures. This page will give you an overview of figures on refugees and is a good place to start when examining information about refugee crises.

Be sure to read and scroll through the entire page to get the fullest picture. 

In addition, the UNHCR has a great page on the latest news involving refugees. In particular, you might find the article on how being a refugee impacts education.

Other Resources on Refugees

The Dreyfuss Library has some great database resouces on refugees generall. 

Global Issues in Context's page on refugees is updated continually and includes links to magazine and reference articles, images (don't forget to cite!), opinion pieces, and news articles.