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Advisory / Middle School / Refugee by Alan Gratz: Cuba under Fidel Castro

Primary Source Reporting

Because the Cuban Raft Crisis of 1994 is so recent, we have many newspaper accounts of the refugees, their peril and why they chose to make this journey. Dr. Waugh has included a few articles linked below, but use our ProQuest Historical Newspapers to read more. 

Booth, William. "Surge of Cuban Rafts Hits the Straits: Florida Rescuers Try to Track Heaviest Outpouring since 1980." The Washington Post (1974-Current File),Aug 17, 1994.

Robberson, Tod. "WORLD NEWS: CUBANS STILL PIN HOPES ON FLIMSY RAFTS UNDETERRED BY DEATHS, MORE HEAD TO SEA." The Washington Post (1974-Current File), Sep 06, 1994.

Cuban Immigration to America in the 1990s 

"Hispanic American Immigration: Cuban Immigration, 1990s." In UXL Multicultural: A Comprehensive Resource on African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native North Americans. Detroit, MI: UXL, 2003. Gale In Context: Middle School (accessed August 23, 2019).

Fidel Castro

Castro, Fidel

Britannica has a good biography of Fidel Castro that will provide some insight about what Cuba and the Cuban revolution was like. 

This biography from the In Context database also has good information about Fidel Castro, and many links in the sidebar for further research. 

Castro, Fidel, Image, from Encyclopædia Britannica, accessed August 23, 2019,

"Fidel Castro." In Gale In Context Online Collection. Detroit, MI: Gale, 2017. Gale In Context: Middle School (accessed August 23, 2019).