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Advisory / Middle School / Refugee by Alan Gratz: Syria under Assad

Primary Sources on the Syrian Civil War

Primary Source Reporting

Follow this link for a list of news articles about the Syrian refugee crisis. 

The New York Times has done extensive reporting on the Syrian refugee crisis

The International New York Times has an article on how Syrian children in Turkish refugee camps have no access to schools. Arab News has a short article on the life of Syrian refugee children living in Lebanon


CultureGrams Logo

CultureGrams is a database all about countries, their people and cultures. Follow this link to CultureGrams, click CultureGrams World, and search for Syria. You will find history, images, video, geographic details about the country, and more. 

Remember - if you are off-campus and need login information, go to, log in with your SAES email and password, and select the Dreyfuss Library home page.

Gale Research in Context includes numerous articles from newspapers, audio and video clips, and images on the Syrian Refugee Crisis. 

"Primitive Camp Houses Syrian Refugees." Tribune Content Agency Photos, 2014. Gale In Context: Middle School, Accessed 1 Sept. 2019.

Bashar al-Assad

Bashar al-Assad

For a quick biography of Syria's leader, Bashar al-Assad, try Creedo Reference.

For more information about how Bashar al-Assad came to power, and what he decided to do when he got there, read this article from Encyclopedia Britannica


Bashar al-Assad, Image, from Encyclopædia Britannica, accessed September 1, 2019,