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History / 7th Grade / Research: Home


In this research guide, you will find tabs for History 7 projects. If you are researching off-campus, you might need to log in to databases. You SHOULD be able to log in one time using your SAES username and password. For certain databases, you may need a username and/or password, which your teacher will put in Canvas. 

Good Places to Start your Research!


It is often a good idea to gather some background information on topic before digging into the research. This is what reference sources like encyclopedias are for.

Start with Britannica, select either the middle school or high school version. Remember that if you are off-campus, you will probably need to log in. Logins are on the page, AFTER you have clicked log in with your SAES credentials. 


middle school in context

Middle School in Context is a great database. To find background information, search the database then select either "reference" or "biography" 


CultureGrams | Monroe County Public Library, Indiana -

CultureGrams is a great resource for learning about the world. If you need the login information, ask Dr. Waugh, your teacher, and/or check Canvas. 


How do I get a book from the Library?

Use our library website to find or request a book! Once you have opened the webpage, click the blue box that says guest, click "login in with student account" and you will be able to place a hold.

Library website front page

Dreyfuss Library

Explore our Library

Use the search box below to search for information including databases and our catalog. This search box will work across most databases and you should be able to log in using only your SAES credentials.

Digital Public Library of America - Primary Source Sets

Digital Public Library Logo

The Primary Source Sets of the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) are curated around specific topics. Each set contains numerous primary sources including images, music, interviews and more. There are many, so you will need to scroll through to see if your topic is included.