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A research guide for the "Project Stress" assignment in 11th grade Health.


This page will give you some ideas for researching this topic. Remember that you should always seek out reliable sources for information, but especially for health information.


  • You will need to add additional terms to your search beyond stress. Think about terms like mental healthhealth, teen, etc.
  • Consider synonyms. If teen isn't getting good results, try adolescent or young adult.
  • Remember how to do a good search. Put quotes around each term, include AND between the words; stress mental health gets different results from "stress" AND "mental health"

You can use other resources, but be careful to check for accuracy, bias and currency. Is the site affiliated with a hospital, research organization, the government? It's probably OK. Is it a highly regarded newspaper (the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, etc) AND a recent article (last 10 years)? It's probably OK. Is it someone's health blog? Likely not OK. Is the site trying to sell you something, like a supplement? Likely not OK. 

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