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Religion / 8th Grade / World Religions Research: Animism

Animism Headdress

Headdress: Bambara dance headdress. Image. Britannica SchoolEncyclopædia Britannica, 7 Dec. 2019. Accessed 13 Dec. 2019.

Middle School Resources

Middle School in Context

Middle school in context logo

This link will take you to several reference articles that are related to the religion you are researching. Remember that you can use the "cite" button to have your citation made for you or exported directly into NoodleTools.


Encyclopedia Britannica - Middle School Edition

Britannica is a fantastic resource. This link is set for "level 3," meaning it has the most detail. You can also check level 2 or 1 for a quicker, but less thorough, read. Remember that Britannica will make your citation for you. Just click the checkbox at the top right of the page. 

High School Resources

Global Issues in Context

Global Issues in Context is a high school database, however, it has many reference articles about Animism. When you use one of the In Context databases, the citations are easy to get. Just click the "cite" icon in the top right and follow the directions.