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Additional instructions

Remember that you have a course textbook that has information about each of these topics as well. When you use the course textbook, you still need to provide a citation.

Check Canvas for additional details about the expectations for this assignment. 

Remember you can always email Dr. Waugh for additional research help.

Basic Citations

For this project, you will need to use a basic MLA citation. The purpose of a citation is to let your reader know where you found your information. Sometimes you can use a citation in someone else's paper to find an additional source. 

Everyone at St. Andrew's has access to NoodleTools, which can be very helpful with your citations. Click the link, click "log In," enter your SAES email and click "sign in with Google". You may need to register if this is your first time using NoodleTools. Please come see Dr. Waugh for help with NoodleTools!

Basic MLA citations examples are below. Please remember that there are a lot of variations, so please double check your work using NoodleTools:


Last Name, First Name. Title in Italics. Publisher, Date. 

Potter, Harry. How I Win at Quidditch. Wizard World Books, 2015.


Last Name, First Name. "Title of Article in Quotes." Title of Container in Italics, Publisher, Date, URL

Granger, Hermione. "Muggle Schools." The Encyclopedia of Muggle Studies, Wizard World Books, July 15, 2016,

Problems with Logins

If you are working on this project off campus, you may need to log in to each database. 

  1. begin at
  2. Login using your SAES username and password (ex: adumbldore / fawkes1234)
  3. The "Home" tab will include the names and logins for our databases.